“The Girl Who Was Scared of Everything is an encouraging book with clear, important messages for young people. It highlights how common anxiety is and emphasises seeking support while confronting fears.”

Dr. Sarah Bell-Booth, Clinical Psychologist

This is a warm and encouraging book that provides a great springboard for a parent, a teacher or other adult to open up a conversation with children about being afraid and to begin to engage in discussion about how to deal with fears that they experience.

 A simple, positive and helpful book to share with children. And one that can also remind us older people that recognising our anxieties and seeking support are steps towards a healthier and happier life. 

Clare Lyon, NZ Booklovers

"Elaine's story about having anxiety is one that will resonate with many young children and their parents.

This book illustrates in a gentle and fun way that facing our fears is not as scary as we might think, especially when we share our worries with someone else who can support us.

The book deals with what if thoughts and generalised anxiety, and shows children that it's normal to feel anxious about things but they can overcome their fears by being brave and facing them. The book is beautifully illustrated for young children and their parents to read together"

Dr Clare Calvert, Clinical Psychologist

"I was tagged in a facebook post about this book and thought it sounded like the perfect way to offer Emmie some reassurance that wasn't just from my mouth... She adored the story and listened so intently. 

There is also a page in the back to make a list of people who can support your child when they are feeling anxious. This was a great discussion and I was surprised at how many people Emmie included on her list including her baby sister. "

Katie Helem, Photographer and Mother of 3

"I thought it was fun and it taught me how to be courageous when I'm scared" 

Michael, aged 9

"An important book for parents with children that have anxiety, that offers an easy and fun way to connect with your child and give them practical tools"

Margot, Mother of 3